Quadricycle with a solar-powered charging system that's completely off the grid. | SOLARped Series
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Rhoades SOLARped Series
Quadricycle SOLARped Series | Rhoades Car  

The Rhoades SOLARped Series
new eco-friendly solar powered models from Rhoades Car

Looking for an eco-friendly means of transportation? The Rhoades SOLARped is an off-the-grid combination of pedal power and electric-assist motor with its power coming from a flexible monocrystalline solar panel mounted to the windshield of our Rhoades SportPed model. The solar panel trickle-charges the 24 volt battery system, which powers the 750 watt electric-assist motor. No reason to ever plug it into anything because all of its power comes from the sun!

Rhoades SOLARped P1 - 1 Passenger
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Rhoades SOLARped P2 - 2 Passenger
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