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GoBoy Series
Imagine doing all the things you can do on a regular 2-wheel bicycle, yet having the stability of 4 wheels as you pedal! And this series offers 1 and 2 person models where EVERYONE can pedal.

Sound good? Then our GoBoy series is meant for you! On this model series you sit in the standard bicycle position (where your legs are below you) unlike our other models where you sit in a recumbent (reclining) position.

This little workhorse will be your best friend as you get exercise, tone up and see the great outdoors. There is no downside. You can even jazz it up to include fenders, a cargo box and more.

Optional electric motor is available on all models except the Z1.

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GoBoy Z1 - 1 Passenger
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GoBoy S1 - 1 Passenger
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GoBoy X2 - 2 Passengers
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