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Go Boy Industrial Series Quadricycle | Rhoades Car


The perfect work truck for industrial facilities committed to going green. Our GoBoy workbikes are simply the most efficient means of factory transportation today!

Not only will your emissions be eliminated, but your employees will be more fit and that can have a positive impact on just about everything including overall morale, health insurance and workers comp premiums!

In addition, the maintenance costs on your work vehicles will just about be eliminated, too. Plus, they are much safer and more stable than 2-wheel or 3-wheel factory bikes and they can carry tools and equipment around.

Our heavy duty workbikes can be configured to perform in just about any situation. The 2” jig-welded steel frames will handle up to 700+ lbs.

The standard features that come on each base model in this series are single speed gearing, standard saddle seat, 20” black mag or alloy spoke wheels, handlebar steering, single disc brake, and any features noted with an asterisk (*). The pictures below may show additional upgrades. Call for details on adding extra accessories or customizations. Standard frame color options for this series are yellow or green, but custom colors are available upon request for an additional fee. Batteries are not included with the optional motor kit due to shipping restrictions on the type of batteries required.

Optional electric motor is available on all models except V1 models.

Available Models:

V1 Work Bike Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
V1 Work Bike
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V1 Tool Bike Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
V1 Tool Bike
*toolboxes included

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S1 Work Truck Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
S1 Work Truck
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S1 Flatbed Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
S1 Flatbed
*wire flatbed included
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S1 Ladder Rack Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
S1 Ladder Rack
*ladder rack included
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S1 Passenger Cab Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
S1 Passenger Cab
*passenger cab included
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S1 Recycler Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
S1 Recycler
*flatbed and recycling containers included
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S1 Ad Bike Quadricycle | Rhoades Car
S1 Ad Bike
*blank sign boards included
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