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SportPed e-One | Fact Sheet

1-Person, 4-Wheel SportPed e-One Quadricycle | Rhoades CarRhoades SportPed Series

This 1-person model is perfect for a leisurely bike ride on the greenway or as a mode of transportation to get to the store, school, work, or just about anywhere else you need to go. There are all sorts of government grants right now for states to implement new or better biking routes, so take advantage of these with a Rhoades Car and push for more improvements in your area to encourage more bike riding. This model, like all the other Rhoades Car models, is easy to pedal and designed with your comfort in mind. Add all of the optional lighting accessories, like headlights and tail lights, for added safety as you cruise around on your Rhoades Car. Do you have some hills to tackle or still think you may need some pedal assistance from time to time? You can add that option simply by choosing a version that includes the electric motor.

1-Person, 4-Wheel SportPed e-One Quadricycle | Rhoades Car  

Standard Equipment:

  • Handlebar steering wheel
  • Hardtop, UV tinted windshield
  • White Wall Tires
  • Black mag or alloy spoke wheels
  • Deluxe padded seats
  • Single disc brake
  • Parking brake
  • 7-speed transmission

SportPed e-One Specifications:

Wheel Base


Tip-To-Tip Length    
Tip-To-Tip Width
118 lbs.
Green or Blue
Frame Jig-welded 2” square steel tube
Front Crank
1 piece
20” x 2 ⅛” whitewalls
Single Mechanical Disc
Cargo Area
27" W x 23" L
Load Capacity 700 lbs (distributed appropriately)
1-Person, 4-Wheel SportPed e-One Quadricycle | Rhoades Car


Additional upgrades and options are available for this model.
Please note that the pictures above may include some extra upgrades.

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