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4-Person, 4-Wheel Cycle Car Series Quadricycle | Rhoades CarRhoades CycleCar Series

This is the answer for family fun - our 4-wheel bicycle built for four people! You may never take the car out again after you have experienced this ride. There's nothing like reconnecting with friends or family on a 4-passenger bike engineered with your comfort in mind. The two in the front do the pedaling (independent of each other), and the two in the rear enjoy the ride. Add a bench seat for the back where you could fit a car seat or maybe up to 3 smaller children. Seat belts are available, and we can even add features such as a removable wire mesh “floor board” on the back for shorter legs. This baby is available with multi-speeds for easy pedaling. For added pedal power, choose a version that includes our electric pedal assist motor feature – it will be a big help on the hills if you have any of those in your area.

4-Person, 4-Wheel Cycle Car Series Quadricycle | Rhoades Car  

Standard Equipment:

  • Handlebar steering wheel
  • Black mag or alloy spoke wheels
  • White Wall Tires
  • Deluxe, padded seats
  • Single disc brake
  • Parking brake
  • 7-speed gearing
  • Passenger side support bar
  • Accessory bar

4W4P Specifications:

Wheel Base

77 ”

Tip-To-Tip Length    
Tip-To-Tip Width
213 lbs.
Blue or Green
Frame Jig-welded 2” square steel tube
Front Crank
1 piece
20” x 2 ⅛” whitewalls
Single Mechanical Disc
Cargo Area
43” W x 10” L
Load Capacity 700 lbs (distributed appropriately)
4-Person, 4-Wheel Cycle Car Series Quadricycle | Rhoades Car


Additional upgrades and options are available for this model.
Please note that the pictures above may include some extra upgrades.

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